From the sunset strip of Las Vegas to the Internet, casino games have had some journey. Casino games have had their stigma, gambling is bad, the work of the devil and so on. However, the market is the and whether your opinion is good or bad, casino games are going to be round for a long time to come.

In 1996 the first online casino was live. This brought to keen players basic gaming opportunities to play and make money. The games at this time where limited to online slot machines and virtual card and table games. the graphics now look very dated but the steps from then to now graphically have changed, but the core programming remains the same.

The evolution of algorithms and technology lead to new fresh designs and casino games became a source of pioneering technology.

The most notable change was the advance of table games. Games like roulette, poker and blackjack became part of a live streaming service. Shot in studios, the games would be transmitted via the casino and onto the devices of players. From this, those playing would be able to bet on games and watch the host/dealer play the game out. There would be full interaction with the addition of chat messengers added and the ability to have a multi-player platform to compete against others.

This was a huge set forward and this even get picked up by TV studios that would use the same format for late night TV audiences that could call in and play the games.

Casino gaming is now super-advanced, graphically, the animation went to a whole new level. 3D animation was nothing short of what you would see in a Hollywood animated movie. Gaming features became more pronounced with expanding reels, multiple paylines. Bonus rounds and jackpot feature took a whole new president with millions of players online across the world playing for prizes in their millions.

Online casino games are readily available to players that are not registered to any casino service. the Internet houses thousands of free to play demo games that allow people to experience card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. There are a host of table games such as roulette, craps and sic bo. Then you have the slot machines, the largest gaming dynamic with diverse themes and styles to experience.

Demo games found online are made by the same licensed developers making their work for the casinos. Playing them gives you the same experience as playing inside a casino and the core reason for this is to allow people to practice before taking on the real task. Going back to the original reason why simulators where created in the first place.

Using demos to learn which games are more entertaining and more profitable to play are considered to be the #1 strategy when faced with the option of playing to win money.

But the simulation doesn’t end there with basic gameplay. Technology has turned to VR gameplay. Players will soon be able to wear VR goggles and gloves to actually be inside the game, playing at the tables with an avatar and feeling the games for what they ‘really’ are.